Why I Created A Teeth Whitening Company

I get asked so much about why I created this company. 

I have always been passionate about natural beauty and making the most of what you were born with. I think that white teeth and a confident smile is key to looking amazing and retaining your true natural beauty. 

By the time I reached adulthood, I had stained teeth with several fillings. As a young adult, I cleaned up my dental hygiene and invested in teeth whitening and have never been so confident about my smile. Because of my experience, I decided to create a brand that catered for people desiring whiter teeth and confidence. 

I am passionate about researching ingredients and making sure they it is super effective and super safe. I’ve always been interested in science-based beauty. 

In this blog and on my social media - I love sharing science-based information about beauty.

 I'm a bad bitch in all parts of life, especially skincare - I don't let big brands sell me shit I don't need. So call me a "skincare bad bitch" and let me be your wing woman when navigating the skincare landscape. 

 I work hard so no one is going to take me hard earned dough and don’t want to spend it on whitening treatments that don't work. 

Most importantly, I promise to never lead you astray with selling products I don't believe in or would use on my own family and friends. I promise to give you my honest opinion on teeth whitening and dental hygiene as there are too many cowboy cosmetic salesman trying to steal your hard-earned cash.