How To Lose Fat Naturally Without Liposuction

 There are many things that money can buy but the health benefits from natural fat loss is priceless. 

Although plastic surgery can get amazing results - avoiding surgery is always better if you can as plastic surgery has risks, costs money and requires a recovery period.

You may have considered liposuction but then realised that you wanted to follow the holistic surgery-free path to fat loss. It is very important for you to understand that the purpose of liposuction is body contouring - liposuction is NOT a fat loss procedure. Think of liposuction as a body sculpting procedure that can help you shape your arms, belly or thighs. 

I have struggled with my weight all my life and gone on every diet you can think of. From sunrise to sunset, newspapers, the radio, health blogger, Instagram influencers, your parents, your friends, and your doctor all have an opinion on what diet you should follow. There is infinite knowledge on workouts, eating healthy but the application on the mental and emotional side is where people truly struggle.

Only a couple of months ago I started my fat loss journey with the help of a personal trainer, as well as, my commitment to reducing stress and bettering myself. So here are my main weight loss tips through reducing stress. 

When you combine emotional eating with stress and unhealthy food - this is a recipe for premature ageing. 


The morbidity and mortality due to stress-related illness is alarming.

Evidence is mounting that stress has a relationship with obesity. I think it’s time that we incorporate mindfulness into weight loss strategy as having a ‘mental calm’ is integral to putting your mind to the test and achieving amazing things. 

Many studies have found a connection between overeating and depression, anxiety and stress.  Over time, repeated activation of the stress response takes a toll on the body. According to Harvard Health, when stressed, we release a high level of the stress hormone cortisol has been shown to increase appetite and increases storage of unused nutrients as fat. Chronic stress is also associated with higher blood pressure and risk of heart attacks or stroke.


Ever have a big presentation coming up or you’re about to have a difficult conversation with someone you love? You should try to manage your stress or you might find yourself reaching for second (or ahem, third) helpings of your dinner or favorite snack. Often referred to as stress eating, this type of behavior is induced by anxiety and unless addressed, can be detrimental to that scale—both up and down. 

The billion dollar diet industry thrives when stressed, busy consumers are looking for the next silver bullet. There is a reason why there is a multibillion dollar diet industry. We buy into it even though we know there is no magic pill. To truly lose weight in the long-term, you need to be willing to be vulnerable and take a deep dive to look inside yourself to lose weight. 

When you are trying to lose weight and eating less, eating healthy becomes even more difficult due to neurological changes in the body. Calorie reduction makes yummy foods more enticing because there are neurological changes in the rewards brain regions. Since it is such a difficult journey, your psychology and mindset is pivotal to your success. 

With growing stress in our lives and less time for movement and less time for cooking, I think that perhaps we need to look at the root cause of stress eating, stress. We demonise food but fail to demonise stress.

Reducing stress can make it easier to stick to the diet and exercise plan you have chosen to achieve your fat loss goals. For example, I have recently started fasting where I'm supposed to firstly eat at 3pm at the earliest. I find that stress makes it really hard to stick with my fasting so I've worked really hard to reduce stress in my life. A few things I did was: reduce night shifts and replace with day shifts, see a personal trainer, schedule in time with my niece and nephew, go to the beach or mountain once a week, go for a walk around the block before bed, set smaller short-term goals instead of stressing about huge long-term goals.

No matter what exercise or diet plan you are on - you need a strong state of mind to have the willpower and commitment required to stick with your plan. 

Thank you so much for reading this article. As someone who has struggled with weight and tried every diet, I’m trying to achieve my goals through changing my mindset and getting to the ‘root cause’ of the weight gain.

The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well being, mental calm, and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors. And then self-confidence follows.

I know that it is important to love your body and feel amazing and confident, however, carrying excess weight does carry excess risks. Enjoy the journey and love your body today but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the healthiest, confident version of yourself. Some people do have to work harder to keep their weight down, but just because something is so difficult, it does not mean that it is not worthwhile.